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Basic types of job placements on Work and Travel Program

              According to Work and Travel program regulations students may work in positions relating to service industry, most of the jobs are available at hotels, resorts, supermarkets and stores, amusement parks and waterpool companies. However stydents are allowed to work in office positions: receptionists, front desk clerks, office assistants or perform other types of jobs: relocating services, construction or demolition work, gas station assistant or ladscaper.

       Restaurant and Cafe work

            Restaurant jobs have obvious pluses: good tips ($50 - $200 per day) which makes this positions one of best-paid student jobs, significant discount on meal provided (up to 50% or sometimes even free meals during working day),  but earnings depend on busines situation,  on how many custonmers you assist and how much they appreciate your help. At times servers get only few dollars besides their wages, but it's rather a rare situation.

         Server (waiter) or bartender position is most popular due to good wages: servers are paid only $2.5 - $3.5 per hour but their average earnings are around $ 10 - 15 per hour mostly thanks to tips! This kind of work requires a very good level of English language (most often students are having interview with employer before a Job Offer is issued) and a minimum age of 21 years old is required for all work with alcohool.

        Host/hostess is another restaurant position requiring good English. Duties include greeting customers, reserving tables, receiving requests by phone, general assistance. Host usually receive a percentage on servers tips at the end of the day and their earnings are about the same as servers'.

             Food runners and bussers to assist servers, thus servers take orders, food runners serve food and bevarages and supply bread or water if needed then bussers clean up tables after customers are gone. These positions are also tipped which means food runners and bussers receive their percentage on servers tips.  This job doesn't require a high level of English, but it can be hard to bear heavy trays and dishes.

              Kitchen positions are also available at restaurants and cafes: kitchen help include all types of kitchen work such as assisting cook, dishwashing, cleaning and so on. These jobs do not require good English (pre-intemediate English is usually enough) and are quite well paid (starting from $7.75 - $8 per hour), additionally dishwashers and kitchen helpers may receive little percentage on servers' tips. Kitchen positions are considered as hard work and mostly for males only.

              Rotation worker at fast food restaurants is combination of various positions which are rotated within working week: one day student works as cleaner, next day assists in kitchen, then receives orders and works with cash register. Wages start from $7.25 per hour, usually employees work 35 - 40 hours per week.

Sales positions at stores or supermarkets

          Students are often hired for sales assistant positions to work at stores, supermarkets or malls. Duties include customer services, provideing customers with requested information on merchandise, sometimes advertising products (usually cosmetics) with mall customers. Requirements: good English, active work attitude. sometimes sales assistants are paid on commisionary basis in addition to their hourly wages.  Another job in sales industry is cashier position, cashiers are in charge of cash registering and may provide some assistance to customers as well. Wages depend on store or supermarket where participants work and start from $7.25 per hour.

Hotel positions

            Lots of hotels or resorts hire Work and Travel participants for high season and offer them various types of job. Most often students work as

               Housekeeper (basically females, but some hotels prefer males). Duties include cleaning hotel rooms, sometimes halls and public area, changing linen, making bads, vacuuming, etc. Besides hourly wages ($7.25 - $8) housekeepers receive tips which customers leave in rooms before check-out.

                Houseman (males only) are supposed to assist housekeepers when they need help with heavy objects like furniture, microvawe, heater or light maintenance. Maintenance workers are in charge of fixing broken things, repairing furniture, etc.

               Front Desk Clerk is a position for students with excellent English and very good attitude, front desk clerks receive customers requests and take reservations, respond emails, take calls. This is the best position for those who'd like to have  a good languge practice and/or plan to work in hospitality industry.

Office positions

            Receptionists or secretary job is not hard and usually suppose good earnngs ($10 - $12 per hour) but requires very good  English command and preferably with relevant working experience

Amusement park works

               Mostly students work as cashiers and sell amusement park passes,  as shop assistants  in  gift shops,  as lifeguards at local pools inside parks,  or as ride-operators that explain rules to customers, make sure everytthing is safe, etc.  Many students are engaged in food service industry in amusement parks: cashiers, food runners, prep (cook asssistants), cook. Some are involved in park services, their duties include cleaning public area, light maintenance. These positions are quite good paid and students can work 40+ hours a week. Overtime is paid one and a half time higher.

               Despite of the fact that most of Work and Travel job placements belong to customer service industry, some students find different types of job such as construction work, mechanics, etc. If you plan not only have fun but earn something more than you spent on program, than you'll probably need to find another job. Actually need for another work is a common situation sometimes due to bad relations with original employer, sometimes just because students wish to earn some more money than thay can get having only one job. Then students try to find answer to 2 questions:

                  1) Where to find a new job?

                  2) Where to find additional job?




                       So, if you are in the US and you are seeking a new job , there are 3 basic ways to find it:

1) Walking down the main street and applying in person in numerous cafes, restaurants, hotels, stores.

2) Searching ads in local newspapers.

3) Internet search.

                 The first way is one of the most efficient and is good for every student, while telephone or skype conversations can take long time and do not guarantee results, besides it requires way better English level and finally employers invite applicants for personal interview, so why not start with it? If you decide to walk and apply in person you'll need to have at hand printed resume and when on site to ask for manager/owner, otherwise you'll be just keeping on filling out applications and waiting for reply additional 2 weeks) Most often if you hear "Thanks for application, we'll call you as soon as...", or "Please come over in 2 weeks" it means that no openings are available now, but we'd advise to check with this Company one or two days later, sometimes it does help!

                      Don't be affraid to exaggerate your qualification, local workers have quite a strict specialisation and most likely you'll be able to learn your new duties within couple of days. There's a good story of a WT participant who got job as electritian after he claimed to have 5 years of working experience. In fact all he had to do was to fix same type of wires to the same shield all the time throughout the summer and that's it) By the way, he started with $18 per hour. Another student worked as "taper", his duties included  only two things: puttying breaks and covering them with special tapes.  The rest was done by other "specialists".

                     If an employer didn't call you at the appointed day and you would like to work at him-just try to call  him for a second, third time, because there is a possibility, that he forgot to call you. After that employer will understand your commitment to work at him. There is one more time to remember, that some employers wouldn't like to hire workers only for one season, so it'll be better if You don't mention, that you ARE a seasonal worker.It can help you to get employed. If there is any job openings at a hotel or a restaurant, you can find a notice like "HELP Wanted". Walking is more efficient by car or by bike-because you have to cover a big distance. The second way can be efficient as well-adds in the newspaper, but one must have an access to the phone and good English is a must. It will be perfect if one has a cell phone. Mostly they can ask you to leave a voice mail and if your English fits the employer, he/she can be in touch with you in several days. After positive phone calls one can be invited to have an interview. It is better if you combine the second way with the first one. Searching for a job in the Internet is the worst way to use, if you are already in the USA.

                Let's talk about the second question: Where to find a second job? Let's imagine that you already have working experience in service sector (99%). There are 2 kinds of working schedules: common and flexible. For the first case you will have a setted working hours by employer, but in the second case you can set your working hourse on your own. The second one is the preferable for some reasons- it is possible to search for a job where you can work in daytime or at nights. But sometimes flexible schedule can be flexible only for managers. 


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